12-year-old helps create an $5 million NFT collection

Benyamin Ahmed , a 12-year-old developer, collaborated in the creation of a collection of NFT (non-fungible token) that generated more than five million dollars in three weeks, according to CNBC make it.

According to the outlet, the youngster created an NFT collection of 8,888 comic book characters, called Non-Fungible Heroes , in collaboration with the developers behind Boring Bananas Co.

These images were released on September 18 and sold out in just 12 minutes, and have so far achieved sales of more than five million, according to make it.

The teenager was part of the developer team, especially in technical support and in response to inquiries in the Discord group of the project. He also participated in the realization of the web application and smart contract with the help of his father.

But this is not the first time that the young man participates in a project of such importance, Ahmed had already sold as NFT a series of images of pixelated whales known as Weird Whales (rare whales), which reached a profit of 400,000 dollars in two months .

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